2010 Kawasaki Z 1000 for sale in Prince George, British Columbia

The Z1000 was conceived in complete design freedom for a completely unique experience. Each part of the Z1000 was meticulously designed with a dual role in mind: individual functionality and realization of a condensed mass-forward image for a truly unique riding experience.

Price$7,280 $5,499
ModelZ 1000
Stock #A20818A
  • After a year hiatus
  • Japanese motorcycle manufacturer 
  • Kawasaki 
  • returns to its high-performance street bike roots by bringing back the Z1000 to its U.S. motorcycle line-up for the New Year. And while the name remains the same
  • the 2010 Kawasaki Z1000 has been overhauled from top-to-bottom to deliver an easier and more entertaining ride for motorcyclists seeking a fun and civilized sport-oriented street bike.

    Why Bring it Back?

  • The Z1000 is a Streetfighter-style motorcycle
  • which is essentially a sportbike stripped of some of its bodywork and fitted with a standard handlebar. While theyre the rage in Europe (Ive seen them everywhere in Italy)
  • here in the US of A
  • this style of motorbike continues to struggle on the sales floor compared to their full-fairing sportbike brethren. In spite of this
  • Kawasaki feels it has something special with the redesigned Z1000. So once again it is being imported into the States.

  • Whats So Special About It?

  • The previous Z1000 was a quirky bike. While there were certain attributes we enjoyed
  • including its spunky engine personality and sporty-yet-relaxed riding position
  • there were also elements that were just plain funkythe biggest complaint being its peculiar handling
  • excessive engine vibration and love-it-or-hate-it styling. The latest Zed-1 does away with those flukes
  • plus
  • it builds upon its fundamental fun-loving traits thereby delivering a fast
  • easy
  • and ultimately amusing motorcycle to operate.


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